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The Building Centre Movement
a best practice identified by the UN-Habitat, is a significant initiative with tremendous potential to provide intervention contributing towards sustainable housing and improving the quality of life of the citizens.

The Design options –
promoted by the Building Centres The design of shelter appropriate for varying geo-climatological environments using cost effective yet environmentally sustainable building materials and technologies besides providing for disaster resistant construction poses a daunting challenge. Although the industrialization has brought in mechanized and rapid construction practices, these are limited to the large scale top of the line projects for the affluent, with the majority of construction activity based on age old techniques and norms which have long out-lived their versatility. There is a need for the necessary refinement and application of innovation and appropriate inputs to the traditional construction practices.
This calls for a people-oriented bottom-up approach striking the right and sustainable balance between the intermediate, vernacular and innovative technologies towards optimizing the construction costs.


1. Guru Ram Dass ji worked entire life time for the sewa of Golden Temple and service was dedicated in committed for the Worship of Almighty to the extent that he did not get any remuneration payment for the entire work of the life span service to the Golden Temple. There is no such parallel in the history.

2.The safety of the non-engineered buildings from the fury of earthquakes is a subject of highest priority in view of the fact that in the moderate to severe seismic zones of the world more than 90 percent of the population is still living and working in such buildings, and that most losses of lives during earthquakes have occurred due to their collapse.

3. Hammering Man is a series of monumental kinetic sculptures by Jonathan Borofsky. The two-dimensional painted steel sculptures were designed at different scales, were painted black, anddepict a man with a motorized arm and hammer movement to symbolize workers throughout the world.

4. Guru Ram Dass Ji fourth guru unique inspiration culture of excellence to develop techniques sharpening home build skills for the prudent economics of hard earned and hence hard saved resources of the consumer.

5. House building innovation started with advent of civilization and will continue as long as civilization endures.

6. Though there had been huge improvement in every field of development but the techniques to build house remain almost same as 100 years ago reference (Woodworking for industry Technology and Practice) Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan.

7. The quote of Khalil Gibran "If you cannot work with love it is better to sit at the gate of the temple and get alms of those people who work with love and enjoy it".

8. The house building techniques have to be sharpened in focus of science and spirituality to benefit the rural and urban housing consumer in focus ofshelter is the root of happiness – Gautma Buddha.

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The Scroll of Honour was conferred by United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (UNCHS) for the Utilization of cost effective technologies- By the Quilon building centre in India. Also Noble prize for the year 2019 for economics was won (Good economics for hard times) by American economists Daffolo……

Real Estate

There had been no real estate literacy effort for the consumer awareness. A joint effort by consumer, govt. institution and research data applicability institutions is required. Consumer house building resources are raised by very hard earned and hard saved resources. The average home is built with techniques not too different from those of 100 years ago. Similarly, the plots are sold with same old tricks and techniques to the consumer, inspite of the fact that over a million and half each year in America. Not only the building methods are same and ancient but the selling of plots is also same and ancient.


Walling has to meet the structural requirements and the workmanship materials and the ultimate product of walling unit have to be sufficiently safe to with stand the wind and earthquake hazards.


The moisture travels up and down (many a times) by virtue of capillary action in brick work and plaster thereby dissolving the cementing / binding material in the mortar. This weakens the brick masonry and is prone to failure during earthquake as the ripples of earthquake damage the critical zone 1 ½ ft. above DPC and 1½ below DPC. So the prevention of travel of moisture is one of the key issues.


The concrete is the key element in the house. It has to be properly designed then mixed placed vibrated and cured to achieve the desired strength. More the scientific route chart (i.e. the proper way of doing) monitored better results of concrete are achieved.

Wood Work

The wooden cells and the walls of the wooden cells of the wood contain water. When the water inside the wooden cell evaporates or dries the wood does not deform much. When the water in the wooden walls of the wooden cells dry then the wood deforms. The wood to be used in building should be kiln seasoned and termite treated. The quantities required actually have to be coordinated with wood blocks available and the cutting has to be done in a way to achieve minimum wastage. The fitting has to be properly coordinated.

Painting and Polishing

The surface for painting should be properly prepared by allowing cement plaster to getting dried for one year after plastering. The surface should be properly prepared by rubbing with sand paper.


The selection of pipes had to be on the basis of utilization and strength of joints the proper slopes and proper disposal thereof.


The levels of the floor should be properly marked and the levels of the bathroom should be specially marked and taken care of for the drainage of water. The based below the floor should be strong enough to support the floor.???



1. The average home is built with techniques not too different from those of 100 years ago. Inspite if the fact that well over a million and a half homes are built each year, building methods are, in many cases, rather ancient and out-of-date.

2. The average cost of housing in India is many times higher even as compared to the United States, when compared on the basis of purchasing power parity (PPP) and the average income levels.

3. Building centre / movement was conferred a Scroll of Honour by United National Centre for Human Settlements (UNCHS) for the use of cost effective technologies in India.............


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